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As as been our tradition, BlueTrack Global Technologies always go for surprising innovation, breaking paths, and out of the box answer that is the perfect solution to security. We provide state-of-the-art ICT security solutions which stands out for personal and industrial uses. As our Customer you have the freedom to select from our range of products, giving you the power of customizing . We provide scope of ICT solutions for an expansive range of industry fragments and applications. Whether you require a couple of cameras, or a couple of thousand, our ICT solutions are simple to install and simple to adjust to evolving needs. We plan ICT security soltutions for different industry verticals.


Government at all levels ought to take public safety and security issues seriously, in other to beat any unseen occurrences and keep everyone save.

City Surveillance

Apart from the great lift to traffic conditions of a place, our IP video surveillance is a plus for ensuring adequate report of events for fighting crime


Organisations need the presence of modern communication gadgets in other to ease communication, hence boosting performance.


Our tracking systems are best for both personal cars and industrial vehicles. Transportaion, commercial companies, and individuals are already benefiting of securing their assets using our state-of-the-art trackers.


Our range of communication products make retailing less demanding and ensures high security of goods. Take advantage of our security solutions to secure yourself from store thefts and unauthorised access.


Apart from being a plus to modern day educational system, our security solutions are best suited to protect school properties from vandalism and theft. Also giving your institution an edge in modern infrastructures.


Get the market security features today's market has to offer, secure your buildings with our reliable electric fence designed with security and safety in mind.

Health Care

Create an easy communication model for your hospital, secure your patients, and stop unauthorized access to wards using our Intercom systems, IP Camera, and Automatic Gates/Doors.


Our ICT solutions are the best options for banking need, giving you the power investigation if need arises and increasing customers confidence.